Hey Garzig, where are y'all located? Our 90 sq ft space we loving call 'Little Shop of Garzig' is in South Austin -- 2605 Jones Rd, Ste 103, Austin TX 78745. 

Do you do pop-up shows? We love doing pop-up shows and we are interested in poppin' up with you. Shoot me and email, lets chat.

I bought a candle from you at a pop-up shop but I don't see them on your website. Where are they? Thanks for purchasing! Our candles are available at our Little Shop of Garzig. Unfortunately we do not sell on our site. Shipping them is crazy high and would double the price. Sorry! 

Do you do commission work? Well it depends on our work schedule. Email me at garzigdesign@gmail.com and I'll see if we can work something out.